The main activities/Function


Develop proposals and projects for the sector development policies and strategies, receive project reports and analyse project progress and their results. 
Plan research and technologt development, innovation transfer, organize their implementation. 
Contract and regulate cooperation agreements and organize cooperative programs with foreign and domastic research, business and service institutuins. 
Harmonize and research & development work of researchers and research team, helo to their management issues.  Coordinate and manage Research, innovation and technology transfer of Master, Ph.D students. 
Help to spread and commercialize innovation products of teachers and students.


We are operating in the following directions.

  • Development of proposals and projects on the policy and strategy of the industry
  • Develop and organize the implementation of trends and plans for school research, technological development and innovation.
  • Implementation of cooperation agreements, customized works and programs with international organizations and domestic business and service organizations individually or jointly..
  • Coordinate the research and development work of teachers and researchers in the information and communications industry, and help with methodological and management advice.
  • To organize and coordinate the research, technology transfer, introduction of innovation, and creation of start-up companies for bachelor, master, and doctoral students.

Contact us: 

Address: School of information and communication technology, MUST VI-323

ZAGARZUSEM Khurelbaatar (Doctor)

  Position: Head of Research affairs
 Research field: Semiconductor technologies
  Phone: +976 8910-0816
 CV: file

SELENGE Munkhbayar

  Position: Research and Innovation officer
  Research field: 
  Phone: +976 8882-2655
 CV: file